Division of Instrumental Analysis

About department

Education and research at universities has diversified and advanced, and large-scale education and research facilities are becoming necessary. To deal with this situation, in the field of analytical measurement and measurement, various large-scale facilities such as general-purpose analysis equipment and measurement equipment required by many researchers are prepared as shared use equipment and collected and managed in one place We are trying to operate the equipment efficiently. In order to promote shared use, it is necessary to provide reservation system of installed equipment, hold user educational events such as equipment usage explanatory meeting and workshops, provide request measurement service using installed equipment, pamphlet and public relations magazine " News "to transmit educational information and support the education and research of our university.

"Measurement of working environments by working environment measuring professionals" on the four designated items (dust, specified chemical substances, organic solvents, lead) defined by "Occupational safety sanitation law" We are carrying out with "Dia".
In working environment measurement, we accurately grasp the condition of the laboratory and indoor environment, improve the environment according to the result, It is an important educational research support activity which is carried out for the purpose of preventing health problems of faculty staff and students.

We are also making efforts to collaborate between universities and contribute to regional industries, such as providing universities and general corporations with joint equipment use and request measurement services.


Director / Professor Takashi Tamura
Professor Hiroko Tada
Assistant Professor Kosei Sunatsuki
Assistant Professor Hiromichi Ota
Teaching Associate Megumi Kosaka
Technical Support Staff Motonari Kobayashi
Technical Staff Tsugumi Shiokawa
Technical Staff Megumi Matsumoto
Technical Staff Mai Kawakami
Technical Staff Atsuko Takamaru
Administrative Staff Jyunko Tanaka