Division of Instrumental Analysis

About department

The Division of Instrumental Analysis supports education and research through central management of large analytical instruments, through promotion of their shared-use for their effective operation, and by developing new measurement techniques. Currently, full-time staff members are managing more than 30 analytical instruments in the Division, while providing user-training seminars and performing on-demand analyses. Furthermore, the Division has strived to make contributions in collaboration with universities and local companies.


Director / Professor Ikeda Naoshi
Professor Hiroko Tada
Assistant Professor Yukinari Sunatsuki
Technical Specialist Hiromi Ota
Technical Specialist Motonari Kobayashi
Technical Staff Tsugumi Shiokawa
Technical Staff Yoko Nakagami

Facility Support Promotion Office
Administrative Staff Chiyu Nakano
Administrative Staff Yumi Sato
Technical Staff Mitsuoka Yu